Consulting and Design

” Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple .”
Bill Mollison

Permaculture design is a system of assembling concepts, materials, and appropriate components in a pattern which functions to benefit life in all its forms.

Understanding that a good design helps us to make best use of the available resources and create a more productive system that meets more of our needs and creates less pollution.

Design methods are used in conjunction with permaculture principles to create an overall pattern or plan of action.

We tailor our services according to the client needs, budget and location worldwide:

The Process

1- Preliminary Information Collection: An initial Skype call will be arranged to ask specific questions about the project, land , ultimate desired goals. (The more information that can be sent beforehand the better), this will get us better prepared.

Information we would suggest to be provided includes but are not restricted to Maps, Contour maps, pictures, history,  accurate boundaries, infrastructure (roads and access, buildings, tanks  etc.), and landscape features.

2-  Consultation Visit: After studying requirements and initial Skype call, a visit will be arranged, for a verbal conceptual design recommendation.

We will give you a basic layout of the mainframe design including water, access and structure placement, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

We will advise you on your placement of systems you are interested in e.g. animal systems and planting systems.

A summary report and conceptual mainframe design sketches could be sent if requested at an extra cost.

3-  Assessment and Full Design: A full design report and an overall masterplan if required from the client can be provided.

Other services we provide are:

  • Passive Solar House and Structure Consultancy and Design: Conceptual designs and architectural plans for house and structural requirements including recommendation of appropriate materials.

If you would like to know more about the work we do and for more details on the services we provide please do get in touch.