Some of what has been said!

” True no bullshit designer and more importantly a doer”

David Spicer , Doc Spice Permaculture


“I have been in education for over 30 yrs, and the PDC course rates highly. What makes good education.  A combination of students, teachers and environment.
Students – we were great. Learning collaboratively together and had fun. Teacher – what is the most important quality of a good teacher, Passion, Salah scores 10/10. He planted seeds for thought and action and inspired us  Environment – we were learning in the “real” world – a neglected site with potential.
Young and old, we all learned and had fun.
And hopefully we will all make a difference in our small way, with our new knowledge and inspiration.”

Jade (Oct.2016)


“The 2 weeks I m here I learned how I can bring the overworked and under nourished earth in my land to life again. I want to build a rich ,bountiful n sustainable food forest in my land and with what I have learned here I now know that I can. It has been an interesting experience for me too. I have learned a lot and can’t wait to get back and start on what I have learned about Permaculture.”

Jenny (May 2016)

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