Rehabilitation of Over Grazed Badia (Jordanian Steppe)

I was invited two days ago to consult on a commercial project to rehabilitate and cultivate a 500 hectare piece of land in the eastern deserts of Jordan.

This region was once the grazing lands for the nomads of the region  (Bedouin) tribes, holding hundreds of thousands of sheep, goats, camels, horses and occasionally farming small patches of fodder. Now slowly over exploited due to economical reasons and after years of sever drought, the land is now barren, compacted and in need of help.

Covering 85% of the land area of Jordan and 50% of the area of Syria, this bio region’s sustainability is crucial to the food security of both countries.

The brief from the client was to offer ideas and techniques that would lead to establishing a system that would produce fodder while conserving and building soil, harvesting soil and rehabilitating the landscape.

On contour dip ripping and soil rehabilitation through injecting life back in to the top soil in the form of compost tea would be the first steps to be taken.

If you would like to know more about the work we do please do get in touch.

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