Permaculture at the Royal Botanical Park, Kuantan, Malaysia.

Establishing a Permaculture demonstration showcase at the the Kuantan Botanical Garden to show people what can be done on small and large scale to produce their healthy food locally. The Garden  will serve as a hub for Permaculture education as well as a recreational site for nature lovers.

The project lead consultant, Geoff Lawton, initiated the work in September 2015  and since then I’ve been working as site manager to implement the Permaculture and organic farming side of things, teaching courses, running a team of Permaculture interns and volunteers and training existing Botanical Garden staff.

Our design team consists of local and international landscape and regenerative agriculture designers with one main aim which  is to retrofit the site to become a leading sustainable agro-park for South East Asia and one of a kind demonstration site for how much abundance could be achieved in the tropics.

If you would like to know more about the work we do please do get in touch.

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