Online Consulting


Garden/Farm Design Service

Help you know how to get started with your project either in a small scale backyard garden, or on a larger farm.

Garden/Farm Guiding Service

Step by step guiding you through garden/farm setup. including building soil, watering and water harvesting, plant selection and positioning, as well as helping you with any problems you’re facing such as weeds, pest control and soil fertility.

The Benefits

Work with Nature rather than against it.


Rehydrate the Landscape and Build Soil Fertility.


Grow Organic Food with no Dangerous Chemicals

Capture, Store and Recycle Energy and Water.


Establish Food Security and Produce Nutrient Dense Food for a Healthier Lifestyle.


Save Money and Time and Produce more Efficiently.


The Process

Design Consultation Call

  • Explore the potential of your garden/property.
  • Discuss goals and priorities.
  • Live tour of the garden through your camera and/or through Google Earth to assess the energies affecting the site and potential placement of elements.
  • Design options will be discussed and questions relating to the implementation will be answered.

Brainstorming/Q&A Calls

  • Answer any questions you have as you implement the design.
  • Recommend solutions for issues or concerns that my arise.
  • Discuss expansion or addition of any new elements, such as small animals , aquaponics, water harvesting systems.
  • Compost and soil troubleshooting.

Our rate starts from as little as AUD 110/hour , give us a call if you are a charity or cannot afford the standard rate and we are sure we can work something out.