Friends and Favorites

Below are links to our friends’ and associate’s websites, from  all over the world providing a range of expertise and services.

Permaculture Research Institute:

Geoff Lawton Online

Zaytuna Farm

David Spicer @ DocSpice Permaculture

Tom Kendall : Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast

Murujan Permaculture

Trust Nature 

24 Hour Solar Power

School of Permaculture

Permaculture Tools

The Mulloon Institute

 MEDIPERlab – Laboratorio di Permacultura Mediterranea

Permaculture Sustainable Consultants

Djaning Farm

Murad AlKhuffash @ Marda Farm

Permaculture Student

Seed Savers Network

Koanga Institute, New Zealand

Rhamis Kent


Justin Rhodes from Abundant Permaculture

Soils Permaculture Lebanon