Gabion Reed Bed Construction

One of the first missions we had to deal with on our project in the Botanical Garden in Kuantan was desilting the ponds and installing gabion reed beds to stop any probable future siltation caused by the heavy rains washing down exposed ground outside the perimeter of the Garden.

During the initial consultation to the site, Geoff Lawton our lead designer on the project suggested the installation of gabion reed beds at the inlets of each of the ponds. The rock gabions backed by a gravel reed bed will act as a filter , it slows down the water , letting it drop all the silt its carrying and then using that silt to grow reeds, which then can be used as feed or mulch . Regular maintenance of this silt trap reed system will keep the ponds clean and clear which is something hard to find nowadays in the tropics due to the continues deforestation happening to establish unsustainable palm and rubber plantations or to “develop the land” and build houses on it.

If you would like to know more about the work we do please do get in touch.


IMG_0108 IMG_0135


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