Projects and Designs

We have been involved in a diversity of projects, small and big, in different countries and in different climates, from harvesting water in snowy Wales, to setting up food forests in Pacific Islands, from working with refugees in Jordan to managing governmental teams on the east coast of Malaysia.

Our diverse range of clients means a diverse range of tasks, from online consulting and concept design, to on the field consulting, designing, implementing , managing and training of staff and land stewards.

Zayed University, Dubai, UAE

Primary School and Permaculture Demonstration Site/Vanuatu

Water Harvesting Earthworks in South Wales/UK

Organic Farm, Amman/Jordan

Za’atari Syrian Refugee Camp/Jordan

Rehabilitation of Over Grazed Steppe/Jordan

Tropical Food Forests on Swales/Malaysia

Tropical Vegetable Main Crop Gardens/Malaysia

Gabion Reed Bed Construction/Malaysia

Permaculture at the Royal Botanical Parks of Kuantan/Malaysia