Water Harvesting Earthworks in South Wales.

In this project we were advisors on earthworks design for the installation of a water harvesting system to capture as much water runoff at the highest point possible on the land achieving the most out of gravity feeding that water  as irrigation for gardens, food forests, and animals.


Surveying the site.

The Earthworks established were a swale on contour directing water into a ridge point dam/pond.

Due to the rocky nature of the topsoil on the property, the use of pond liner was needed to hold the water in the the pond. Now the water will be siphoned using a 2-3 inch pipe down through the property and be distributed where its needed .



Peeling the top soil for later use

We had a brilliant earth mover helping us with the work, his experience on the machinery added to his permaculture background and knowledge resulted in us .






If you would like to know more about the work we do or if you have any inquiries and you think we can be of any help  please do get in touch.

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