“…no one had any long-term ideas and it was obvious to me what had to be done…That was to build an army of permaculture field workers to go out and teach the ideas of sustainable food production.”

Bill Mollison (Founder of the Permaculture Movement)

Training is a major part of our services.

Salah is a Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) registered teacher with experience in teaching in a number of countries around the globe such as Australia, Italy, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Malaysia and the UK.

Now he  runs different courses tailored according to the needs of the organizers including in Arabic and English including:

1- Permaculture Design Certificate Course (72 hours) accredited by the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI).

2- Introduction to Permaculture: a brief 12 hours intensive covering the basics of the ethics, principles and application of  Permaculture. Usually held over a weekend, this course can be customized according to context.

3- Organic Soil Fertility Building Course : 12 hours intensive on how to make different varieties of compost, compost tea and other biofertilizers that can sustain their soil fertility without the need for external inputs.




” I think not many people has a real knowledge on how much damage to the future on what they are doing…😭
I didn’t really understood and reached the deep insight of this issue until i did my permaculture course… pity me.
Now i am trying to persuade my other daughter and my husband to do a PDC… just to make them understand the importance of changing the perspective in whatever career you are in. Application of sustainability is not necessarily only on being a farmer. People should apply “green” thinking in whatever they do.”

Student commenting on her experience after attending a Permaculture Design Course. (May 2016)

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