Organic Community Food Growing on London’s Edge. Volunteering at OrganicLea Farm.

Thought I should fill my time in London with something productive and get engaged in with a community garden or farm to get used to the cold climate weeds, soil, vegetables, and just the typical feel of working the ground while its raining, foggy and cold.

I was lucky to find out that not far from where I’m staying in East London there’s a cooperative farm called OrganicLea. They lease land from the local council and grow organic vegetables, herbs and fruits and sell them in a box scheme and in farmers markets and to cafes and restaurants.

The farm runs 3 volunteer days a week where members of the public can come and give a hand in different jobs that need to be done in the farm such as harvesting, packing, compost turning, planting, seed saving and many other.

I had the chance to meet with people who are interested in Permacultue, Sustainable Farming and Local Food Network.

The farm also runs courses in home gardening and organic food growing to empower the public and build food security.

If you would like to know more about the work we do please do get in touch.

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