Sacred Life, Sacred Death

This is a nice panel discussion with my friend Muhsen Hassanin and a number of animal farmers in regards to the attitudes and practices for humane treatment and slaughter of animals and how we can be more connected to the process from the Harmony Conference, UK.


A nice idea mentioned is that Ecological comes from Latin and means: to know our home.

Another one is the Unity of Creation , and our roles as humans on this plant as Stewards.

Worth watching , Enjoy.

I will be coteaching a farm design course at Muhsen Hassanin’s Harmony Farm with Niels Corfield where we will be putting a new ridge point dam high in the property and connect it to a back flood swale to capture water and release it when the dam is full.


Surveying the dam site with the earth mover.




Making compost in Harmony Farm.

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