Turning a Sugarcane Monocrop into a Polyculture, Rakiraki, Fiji.

Sugar is the biggest killer in Fiji , and guess what’ the most cultivated crop in Fiji , yes its Sugarcane.

More people die of diabetes and heart attacks in Fiji than any other country in the world except for Mauritius.

What we are doing here is creating an abundant poly-culture of grazing animals, food forests , crop gardens gardens , and education system, to show whats possible by turning this 11 acre Sugarcane field into a permaculture site. First step drop the sugarcane down as mulch.

The team, Shan, Mufeed, and our neighbor Fairouz on his tractor getting on with the job.

Disturbance is the first step towards ecological permaculture succession.

We are in the process of disturbing this sugarcane mono culture through flattening the cane it with a tractor, which is followed by birds interested in scratching while depositing their phosphorous and nutrient rich poop. Cows borrowed from the neighbors happily munching while fertilizing this chemically abused land with their micro-biologically rich manure and kick starting the soil foodweb.

This will be followed by water harvesting systems, Crop gardens, food forests , bee systems, forage forests and a training centre. Part of our new work in Permaculture Sustainable Consultants with Muslim Aid Australia in setting up a new permaculture site for MAA International Fiji.

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